Egton Horse Fair by John Atkinson, 1863-1924

Egton Horse Fair John Atkinson, 1863-1924

John Atkinson was born in Newcastle and studied at the Newcastle School of Art.

His was a well respected artist and exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy as well as at the Royal Academy, London.  His first success at the latter was in 1901, the same year in which he moved with his family to Sleights.

Here he would be meeting and painting along side many other artists, including the members of the Staithes Group.  However, he didn’t join the Staithes Group of Artists until their final exhibition in 1907, and after this time he continued to exhibit, with fellow members, with the Yorkshire Union of Artists, and also at the Bewick Club.

John Atkinson and his family remained in this area for a further 11 years, moving to Broad Carr Farm, Glaisdale, where they lived until at least 1912.

He was associated the RSPCA, and drew illustrations for its publicity material, and was an Art Master at two schools.  He also won Royal praise for his inn-sign designs.

His love of animals is reflected in this beautiful painting of Egton Horse Fair.

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