New Picture for the Pannett Art Gallery

The Pannett Art Gallery cares for a fantastic collection of paintings, but every now and again it is given the opportunity to extend the collection.

The gallery has a strict acquisitions policy, but if a painting meets these stringent criteria and would benefit the collection then it will try to acquire new work.

Towards the end of last year just such an opportunity arose and the gallery is now the proud owner of a small sketch by Robert Jobling, (1841 – 1923), one of the Staithes Group of Artists, that shows some of his ideas and exploratory drawings for a future painting.

The watercolour and pencil Sketch, called “Cattle Studies near the North Yorkshire Moors” is a working drawing of cows from five different views. It illustrates how an artist might explore one image a number of times before deciding on what to include in the final composition.

Seeing an artist’s preparatory drawings can also give an insight into the process the artist has used to explore and improve their drawing techniques. Being able to study these designs can help the viewer gain a greater understanding of the paintings on display.

Originally from Newcastle, Robert Jobling was mainly known as a marine, landscape and figure painter, painting in both oil and watercolour.

The Pannett Art Gallery has two other watercolour paintings by Robert Jobling on display in the Staithes Gallery, “A Street in Staithes” and “Waiting for the Return of the Fishing Fleet”, as well as the beautiful oil painting “Staithes”.

Robert married Isa (Isabella Thompson 1851 – 1926) in 1893 after his first wife, Annie Chambers, died in 1892. Isa was already a talented and established artist by this time, and she also became a member of the Staithes Group of Artists. This was a tremendous achievement in Victorian times. But marrying Robert and taking care of his four children would have had a significant impact on her career as an artist. Nevertheless, the Gallery also has on display two artworks by Isa, an oil painting “Girl in a Cottage Garden” and an exquisite etching, “The Goose Girl”.

You can see all these art works and many more beautiful paintings by the Staithes Group of Artists when you visit the Pannett Art Gallery. The Gallery is open Tuesday – Sunday, 9.30am – 4.30pm.
Last admission is half an hour before closing.

For level access to the gallery please use the entrance at the back of the museum.

For further information about visiting the gallery please phone 01947 600933.
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Watercolour and pencil Sketch, “Cattle Studies near the North Yorkshire Moors”. Robert Jobling

Watercolour and pencil Sketch, “Cattle Studies near the North Yorkshire Moors”. Robert Jobling 

Robert Jobling - detail

Robert Jobling – detail