A high quality craft exhibition at Pannett Art Gallery 10 Oct – 19 Nov

Visit the Pannett Art Gallery to enjoy a range of beautiful new Craft objects.

Gifted will showcase a range of talented designers, makers and crafts people working in a many different mediums including glass, textiles and enamelling to create contemporary craft works.  

This selling exhibition of high quality craft provides an excellent opportunity for Christmas Shopping.

It will include the beautiful silver jewellery of Kate Wimbush.  Kate combines silver and gold with brightly coloured resin to create fun, figurative jewellery and accessories. All of her work is handmade by Kate in her North Yorkshire workshop by the sea.

Kate’s inspiration comes from her passion for the coast and the wonderful weather it brings. Her love of the weather, nature and the seaside are prominent throughout her designs. Kate’s creations also reflect her love of all things miniature.  Kate’s jewellery aims to bring colour and happiness to everyday life, invoking memories of seaside holidays and (not so) sunny days.

Local artist Jessica Grady is an embroidery artist whose colourful and contemporary work has been exhibited in various galleries across the UK and Europe. Her original textiles are a bold and tactile exploration of colour and pattern through stitching and embellishment.  She utilises various processes within her work including digital print, and hand dyed threads and fabrics. Her collections include various themes such as floral, woodland and abstract designs, all of which provide a statement in any interior space.

Enamel artist Harry Nicholson works with images that arise intuitively. In the furnace, as the molten glass spreads across the surface of copper, the metal oxidises and alters the colour of the enamel in an unpredictable manner; it is this spontaneity that holds Harry’s fascination, he describes the process as akin to alchemy.

Serena Partridge is a visual artist who creates small-scale accessories and garments inspired by historical costume and storytelling. Her works are presented as museum acquisitions, encased with labels that blur boundaries between fact and fiction. Serena uses a wide range of materials which she embroiders and fashions with meticulous hand stitching. 

Work by these and many other artists, including Glass by Ailsa Nicholson, enamel jewellery by Lynne Glazzard and Tilly Wilkinson, the quirky felt jewellery of Angela Knipe, ceramics by Elisabeth Bailey and textiles by Helen Birmingham will also be on display throughout the exhibition. 

The gallery is open Tuesday – Sunday 9.30am  – 4.30pm and admission is Free.