Runswick by George Weatherill (1810-1890)
Runswick by George Weatherill (1810-1890)

George Weatherill was born into a farming family near the fishing village of Staithes.

He was an intelligent child, who spent much of his spare time sketching. On leaving school he became an apprentice clerk to a solicitor, progressing to the position of solicitor’s clerk.

In 1833 George married Sarah Coulson of Runswick Bay. They had four children, who were all talented artists.

By the 1840’s George’s paintings were gradually changing from his precise detailed early works to a softer looser more confident style. Influenced by the rapidly changing painting fashions throughout his lifetime, in particular the work of JMW Turner, his later watercolours became much more impressionistic, earning him the nickname “Turner of the North”.

George changed career to a Banker’s clerk and in 1852 he was promoted to the position of Chief Clerk.

In summer George would rise at 5 am to sketch and paint before work. However, as his responsibilities at work increased so did the demand for his paintings, so in 1864 George retired to concentrate on painting.

This charming, delicate painting of a family working on the beach at Runswick Bay was painted in by George Weatherill in 1845. Look closely to enjoy the incredible detail of this beautiful, miniature painting.

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