The Sea Around Us

An exhibition from the Pannett Art Gallery collection.

Sea Around Us

A group of local people have been working with the Pannett Art Gallery to select paintings from the Pannett Collection to form the current exhibition “Sea Around Us”.

Over a series of workshops the group considered a wide range of artworks on the theme of ‘the sea’. Their exhibition includes seascapes, harbour scenes, and pictures of coastal life.

This enthusiastic and committed team of Community Curators considered the various merits of each painting as well as exploring what makes a diverse yet coherent thematic exhibition. Discussions about each picture also generated emotional responses, memories, stories and creative writing.  These reflections are on display on the gallery walls along side the paintings that inspired them.

One of the Community Curators said: “We learnt new ways of looking; this helped us grow and be confident with our opinions.  As a group we learnt a lot from, and about, each other.”


The paintings selected include: (see right)

‘Whitby’ by George Chambers,
‘The Rowing Boat’ by William Scott-Hodgson
‘Resting Above Runswick Bay’ by Lionel Townsend Crawshaw


Members of the group also brought in their own artworks, books, photographs and memorabilia to complement the selected artworks. Some of these items are displayed on the gallery walls and in the cabinet.

This project is funded by North Yorkshire County Council: Stronger Communities and by Museums Development Yorkshire.

The Pannett Art Gallery opening hours are Tuesday – Sunday 9.30 – 4.30pm. Admission FREE
‘Whitby’ by George Chambers
“I could imagine myself being one of many people, safely ashore, willing the boats safely into harbour. The painting gives me a sense of pride and nostalgia – of belonging.
‘The Rowing Boat’ by William Scott-Hodgson
“I can only think that these men must be desperate to contemplate going to sea in these conditions – perhaps they are going to run lines, or set or recover pots.  If I was part of this story, I would be praying for their safe return.”
‘Resting Above Runswick Bay’ by Lionel Townsend Crawshaw
“This painting reminds me of when we used to go for walks in the woods when I was little. It makes me feel peaceful; the girl seems as if she is waiting patiently and is quite happy.”