Weatherill Collection

Weatherill Collection

The Weatherill Collection

Two generations of Weatherill artists painted in Whitby and area throughout the 19th and early 20th Century.  If you haven’t seen the jewel like paintings of George Weatherill (1810 – 1890) and his four children, Mary (1834 – 1913), Sarah (1836 – 1920), Elizabeth (1841 – 1918) and Richard (1844 – 1923) at the Pannett Art Gallery then you are missing a treat.

We have an extensive collection of their intricate, delicate paintings on display in the Weatherill Gallery.
George taught all his children to paint so their styles are very similar, all recording in spectacular detail what Whitby and the surrounding area looked like during this period.

Their artworks are of great local historical interest as well as being of regional or even national artistic merit.

Weatherill, Richard, 1844-1923; Brig 'George' of Whitby

Weatherill, Richard, 1844-1923; Brig ‘George’ of Whitby