With the Pannett Art Gallery being closed, we are finding alternative ways of showing you some fabulous works of art.


The Four Seasons

The members of Whitby Art Society have been working hard to create wonderful paintings, prints, drawings, textiles and more, for their annual exhibition at the Pannett which this year was themed around the seasons.

Paul Blackwell, chairman of Whitby Art Society said that “The idea behind The Four Seasons Exhibition was to challenge members of the society to produce two artworks based on two seasons.  Each artist was allocated two seasons, producing over 120 pictures and other art works, that would then be hung in the Pannett Art Gallery. The Pannett display would have included four sections, one for each season. It was designed so that as visitors moved around the gallery they would be taken on a journey through the colours, tones and shapes of each season, offering the viewer an overall experience as well as an appreciation of each piece of art individually.”

We are terribly disappointed not to be able to show these wonderful artworks in the gallery this spring. However, the Art Society do have a fantastic Web Site and you can see a virtual exhibition of some of these art works there, which, in keeping with the original aim, is displayed in four sections.

The Art Society website is being updated regularly so do keep checking for further updates.